Trendy, Long-lasting, Cruelty Free Nail Polish

Nail polish has become a must for the trendy, glamorous looks nowadays. Along with facial make-up and dress, nail color too comes in scene for a complete get up for any event and occasion. Nail polish nowadays came up with uncountable shades and people choose their color according to their costume and mood too. Women’s get up is incomplete without nail polish in short.

Although there are thousands of companies brewing up in market for the competition we don’t get the exact shade we are looking for and keep on searching in market, malls and even online. However, people not only look forward for those creative colors but also the quality since they are concerned about their health and for the environment too.

Cool and trendy shades like Just Let Go, Hear No Evil, Ocean Dreams, Rise & Shine etc. are are the colors of summer and  soothe our eyes and help creating calm and peaceful mood.


How about getting the right choice with healthy, organic, toxin- free and vegan qualities? People nowadays don’t compromise with their choice as they were used to in olden days and get satisfied with the primary colors.

Shades of blue and green always calm our soul so what about the combination of both? The calming shades of Just Let Go always do its job when apply onto your nails and gives you the feeling of refreshing your soul.

On the tiresome days, when you are left with no energy Hear No Evil can boost up your energy and mood with its dashing, energizing color and feel your heart and mind with goodness. So light up your mood and energy with Hear No Evil.

During the bright sunny days of summer, our eyes need some soothing shades as that of Ocean Dreams and give the inner satisfaction, the serenity like the actual oceanic beauty. One can feel the splash of the ocean water with Ocean Dreams.

VOID Beauty was founded by Patrice Anderson.