How to Take Care of Your Cuticles between Manicures?

As you know nothing ruins a beautiful look more than a chipped nail. But when you have manicured nails, your hands look pretty. So, if you do not take care of your nails properly, then it may grow long and may become unhealthy.

In order to avoid these, there are a number of things that you need to consider to take care of your nails and cuticles in between visits to your favorite manicurist.

Although you never think about your cuticles thinking that they are hanging in the hands, but they serve a purpose and they require proper care. Remember, cuticles are a part of your skin and protect the nail matrix. So you need to take proper care of them.

How to take care of the cuticles during manicure? The following points can help you in knowing about this.

Do not cut your cuticles

Dermatologists say that there are no reasons behind the cutting of cuticles*. Cutting the cuticles can leave you vulnerable to infection. If you cut the cuticles, then there is a chance of entry of harmful microorganisms that can cause infection. And if you get an infection in that part it may hamper the growth of the nails. Even the cutting of cuticles can often lead to various problems like white spots or ridges on the nails. Therefore, it is better not to cut the cuticles.

Push the cuticles back

If you want your nails to appear longer, then you can push the cuticles back with a small stick. Cuticles are usually soft and they do not want to be cut. If you cut them, then they may split off. So, it is better to push back the cuticles gently.


Remember, cuticles are soft skins; so it is essential to keep them moisturized. Often they get dry, crack and peel. Thus, it is necessary to keep them moisturized. For the best results, some dermatologists recommend thick moisturizers. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil or Shea Butter can be used as moisturizers.

Try to avoid rough manicurists

Many people develop spots around the cuticles. These are nothing but the infection called paronychia. It occurs due to pushing the cuticles forcefully. Thus, before getting your nails done, ask the manicurist to push back the cuticle gently. If he or she pushes forcefully tell them to stop there. Choose a manicurist who is an expert.

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Thus, these are some of the tips to take care of the cuticles.